Friday, June 13, 2014

WIPocalypse Check-In: June

Hi all,

Full moon, Friday the 13th? Pretty spooky. ( :  According to an article on, there won't be another full moon on a Friday the 13th until the year 2049! 

Superstition aside, the WIPocalypse question for the month is:  Have you ever been to a stitch gathering such as a retreat or a festival?
I haven't, but that is certainly an item on my bucket list!  Maybe next year. ( :

Now to my stitching progress: this is about two weeks of progress since I joined the SAL on May 28, and I have actually accomplished a lot for me in this amount of time, since I am a slow stitcher (and easily distracted!)

My first HAED "Quiet Time" by Sara Butcher went from here:

To here:

I am determined to get the first page of this done by my next WIPocalypse post!

"Aurora Cabin" went from here:
 To here:

I stitched in the black, white, and light green in what-will-become the tree to the far right, and the white on the tree at the left edge.

I made the most progress on "Checking His List Stocking", which I am spending the most time with because I have never finished a stocking before and since I don't have a sewing machine and will therefore likely be finishing it by hand, I want to leave myself plenty of time to figure it out before Christmas!

The stocking went from here:

To here:
There are bunnies! ( :  I am hoping to finish them tonight.
And I had a new start!  Although I haven't done much of it yet, I began "Napping Kitten" by Dimensions, which I am planning on completing as a Christmas present for my sister:

It will look like this when it is finished:

So, I made some progress on my goals for the year, although I'm not near any finishes yet! Hoping to be even closer to some by next month!