Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Stitching: Dec. WIPocalypse Check-In

Hi all,

I've decided to save my summary of my yearly progress on my WIPocalypse goals until the end of December, but for this check-in, I thought I'd update you on my finishes and starts since my last post.

I had 2 finishes: I finished the stitching for the final ornament in the set of 4 I am making, and finished the stocking.  I also finish-finished (so far) the stocking, and 2 of the 4 ornaments. I will upload photos of these after Christmas...just in case. : )

With all my Christmas stitching completed so early (still can't believe it!), I decided to try to tackle one more stitchy Christmas present, which I will be starting once the fabric arrives on Monday! It is a pattern by Quirkorium on etsy: "The Lonely Mountain- The Hobbit."  I am making it for my dad (who I think I can safely say will never read this blog, so I can share), who is a big LOTR (and Hobbit) fan, and who loves the "Misty Mountain Song" the dwarves sing (and this cross stitch has the first verse!)
I am going to stitch it on a mottled brown Aida that (I hope) will look like old parchment, instead of plain white.  Hopefully, I will finish it in time (if not, he's got a January birthday), and I will upload a pic of it at the end of the month!

Additionally, all these finishes meant I got to start two of the charts that have been calling to me from my craft shelf, yay!  I do a rotation of 5 WIPs, and I don't allow myself any projects beyond these 5 slots (except for this new Christmas present I just mentioned, which was a last minute decision to stitch, and therefore will technically be a 6th WIP for about a week until it's done), so with each finish, I get to start something new.  I've found this helps me to finish my WIPs more quickly towards the end, because I get excited about the upcoming start!

My two starts are both from kits, mainly because I am trying to save for Christmas presents and have therefore sworn not to buy any more stitchy supplies except for those needed for gifts until 2015.   But they are two patterns that I am very excited about getting to finally stitch!

The first is "The Wave" by Dimensions. This is my progress over the past two weeks:

(My apologies for the dim's a rainy day here!)
And this is what it will look like when finished:

 I got this kit back when I was in middle school, but it turned out to be too daunting a project for me at the time.  I rediscovered it when I was organizing my stash earlier this year, and my bf saw it and really liked it, so I decided it would be first in line after I finished this year's presents!

The second is "Winter Friend," a Gorjuss design.  I recently purchased this kit, which I think is so cute!  I love the effect of all of the different threads used in it, especially the fuzzy Lana for the snowflakes!

This is two weeks progress on it:

I will post pics of all my finished Christmas presents, and my updates on the bigger WIPs I've been stitching on this year, on or around Dec. 31!  Until then, happy stitching!

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