Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June WIPocalypse Check-In

Hi all,

It's the summer! Woot!  I graduated, moved, and just settled into a real-life, full-time job.  This is my first week working, but I must say I'm already loving having evenings more homework or piles of grading waiting for me when I get home at night!

I didn't make quite as much progress as last month on my stitching, but I did have a finish and a new start. : )

I included this pic of my finish in my SFS post, but here is "Aurora Cabin" again:

I still love this piece as much (if not more) than when I first received the kit, and I'm so happy to see it finished...and it only took me six years haha!

Because I finished this, I got to start a new WIP to fill that slot in my rotation.  Since all my other projects are quite large, I chose "Tree Frog Trio" (Dimensions) to provide some variety, and so that I don't have to wait several months for another finish!  It shouldn't take me long at all; I've already gotten one of the three frogs completed:

I also worked a little on two of my other WIPs, and here is my progress:

Autumn Sampler:


The Wave:



Are you more productive stitching in winter or summer?
I am more productive in the summer, I think, just because I have a bit more free time without holiday traveling, etc.  Plus I have always been in school during the winter: this will be my first year since age 3 that I will not be in school, so I may end up getting a bit more cross stitching done, in addition to wedding planning! I actually don't think I have written about this in any of my previous posts, but my now-fiance proposed in March and we are looking at dates in fall of 2016 for the excited! :)

I have decided to update my WIPocalypse goals from the beginning of the year to reflect the projects I have started ("Autumn Sampler" and "Tree Frog Trio," instead of the original projects I had listed.) I will post my updated goals in a day or two.

Happy Stitching! : )

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